How to Make the Most of azit !
azit DApp
A to Z

I'll guide you on how to use each service.

Challenge Guide

The challenge feature allows you to accumulate points through habits. By participating in your chosen challenge and succeeding, you earn rewards proportional to the deposit.

Earn points by verifying your habits daily ✅

STEP 1. Choose a challenge that suits your desired habit

You can check it to HOME ▶ Challenge Menu ▶ Ongoing Challenges

STEP 2. Keep your Points and participate in the challenge
You can register as much deposit as you want. The higher the deposit, the greater the rewards you'll receive.

Deposit Criteria  min 100 Points ~ max Unlimited

Receive points by sharing and supporting 'together'. 🤝

STEP 1. Please evaluate other users' images using the 'Challenge Evaluation' feature

Go to Challenge HOME ▶ Challenge Evaluation menu to evaluate other users' challenge verification images. You can earn up to 30 points per day.

Succeed in the challenge to get your deposit + 💰

STEP 1. Verify the challenge as per the required count

You can find ongoing challenges in the  My Challenge menu. Participate in challenges correctly and succeed to receive prize rewards proportional to your deposit.